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De La Totalidad Al Lugar Milton Santos

De La Totalidad Al Lugar

Milton Santos

Published 1996
ISBN : 9788428108911
167 pages
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 About the Book 

Milton Santos was a Brazilian geographer.Milton changed his world, by studying and teaching, onto an impressive path. He studied and he taught in Europe, America and Africa. He turned the painful exile that the military dictatorship imposed on him for thirteen years into benefits. Milton Santos wrote more than forty books in several languages- his work became a reference for all those who intend to understand in a critical way the current world. He was such an optimistic thinker, before anything else, that he got to distinguish the new from the innovative, concepts that he radically differentiated.A serious and combative geographer, he didnt spare anyone of severe criticism -- politicians, intellectuals, department friends, and even the more faithful students. Gray hair appeared in his last years, but the professor would always appear in long-sleeve shirts and red tie, dressed with the same seriousness with which he worked with knowledge.Some of his books include Por Uma Geografia Nova (1978) and A Natureza do Espaço (1996). His work O Espaço Dividido is considered a geography classic: in it Santos develops a theory on urban development in underdeveloped countries.Milton Santos won the Vautrin Lud International Geography Prize, which is the highest award that can be gained in the field of geography. The award is modelled on the Nobel Prize, and it is considered and colloquially called the Nobel prize for geography.