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Sharyn McCrumbs Appalachia Sharyn McCrumb

Sharyn McCrumbs Appalachia

Sharyn McCrumb

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

A great collection - ESSAYS, not short stories per se. It almost reads like a bunch of magazine articles, and is best if youre looking to get into the authors mind a little bit.What I loved about this book was the synchronicity of reading it WHILE I was also reading DRUMS OF AUTUMN, by Diane Gabaldon. In McCrumbs book, one of her essays details a fact I didnt know: theres a strain of mineral (?) in the Appalachian mountains that exists no where else on earth... except the mountains of Ireland and Scotland. McCrumb says it makes a lot of sense that Celtic people would come to America, find the coast too flat and crowded, and keep moving west... until they came to the Appalachians, which just felt like home. Its the story of her ancestors, I think.Its also the EXACT storyline that happens in DRUMS OF AUTUMN, without that technical explanation, but there Jaime and Claire keep moving until they find a homestead site in the NC mountains. Jaime reflects on how it feels like home on more than one occasion, usually while looking over the Ridge...Serendipidty