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発達障害と子どもたち アスペルガー症候群、自閉症、そしてボーダーラインチャイルド (講談社+α新書) 山崎晃資

発達障害と子どもたち アスペルガー症候群、自閉症、そしてボーダーラインチャイルド (講談社+α新書)


Published May 21st 2005
Kindle Edition
224 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Kiki is a fourteen year old Stone Age girl who lives in a clan where the females are the bosses and the men are stupid. She leaves the clan when she is nineteen years old because the clan is all hocus pocus- reinvents the wheel to make it better- realises that the earth is round- discovers how to make concrete with cement- has the first of her three children (a son)- builds Rome for Romulus- makes the first Fiat chariot- repels an attack on Rome by the barbarians and Mangara the Tigan, and meets the goddess Juno who explains to her how female DNA came into existence and why it is sacred. Kiki then has two daughters- creates the first police force- operates a successful fashion clothing business, and creates plans for the betterment of Rome.